Passionate Pursuit

This was originally written in January of 2007:

So far, this year has started out great for me spiritually.  I went to Passion and was beat up by almost every speaker about areas in my life that were not in line with God’s desires.  God taught me so much and then also opened my eyes to experience more and more of His grace.  The fullness of what Christ has done for each one of us on the cross will never be fully grasped.  The more and more, however, that God allows me to glimpse a taste of what divine love and divine judgement look like, I am spurred on to more of a heart and lifestyle of worship.  I have read several books over the course of the Christmas break on sin and purity.  Some authors such as John Wesley believe that sinless perfection can occur on earth prior to heaven.  While others such as John Calvin and Martin Luther would disagree .  Becoming pure and holy in my lifestyle is something that I want to pursue passionately even if fulfillment of that may not come until I stare my Savior in the face and glimpse the fullness of majesty.  I am praying for holiness and purity in all areas of my life.  The Holy Spirit working through me will be the only strength that I have to keep from failing and failing.  This is also where God is showing me accountability comes in.  Accountability is so frequently used as a modern day Christian buzzword that I think that we tend to miss the point.  It should not be me getting together with someone else and determining that we both stink at living the Christian life and moving on, but rather it should be a passionate pursuit of glimpsing and imitating the holiness of God.  The question comes down to “Do I want to serve God and seek purity in this situation or would I rather enjoy the here and now pleasures of sin?”  I am praying to be molded into someone who seeks purity above all things.  I am still definitely unfinished, but I am trusting in the Holy Spirit to do His work so that I can more clearly represent the beauty of a life lived for Christ and His glory to a dark and sin-infested world.