I Resolve: New Year’s Reflections

This was originally posted December 31st , 2006: 

We have once again come to the end of another year.  Today I have done some reflection on what God has done for me.  God remains faithful to me year after year even when I fail Him daily.  This time of year, I usually sit down and come up with a list of things that I will resolve to accomplish in the upcoming year.  This list usually includes physical, spiritual, and emotional goals.  The cycle repeats itself every year when I set down these things that I want to do, fail to do them and then feel bad that I failed to do them.  So this New Years Eve, I am going to seek to live a life fully surrendered to the Lordship of Christ.  This will be a year in which I pray that I will become less so the Christ can become more in every area of my life.  In looking at resolutions in this way, I am allowing God to show me more and more of His faithfulness in allowing Him to mold me and make me into His glorious image.  This will be a New Year based in His faithfulness and goodness and not in my unfaithfulness and failure.  When I set down a list of acts that I am going to perform, I will fail, but when I, through the power of the Holy spirit working in me, submit to the Lordship of Christ to work in and through my life, I will succeed.