Happiness Found

“God’s respect to the creature’s good, His respect to Himself, is not a divided respect; but both are united in one, as the happiness of the creature aimed at is happiness in union with Himself.”                                                                                 –

 Jonathan Edwards in The End for which God Created the World

We are all on a search for happiness and fulfillment at some level.  There is a void down deep inside each of us that we are seeking to fill.  There are many different ways that we can seek to fill that void including relationships, drugs, popularity, and achievement.  The thing that God keeps bringing me back to is the fact that my true happiness can only be found in my relationship with Him.  St. Augustine said it best in stating that “Thou madest us for thyself, and our heart is restless until it rests in Thee.”  The Jonathan Edwards quote above speaks to the same idea that all of our true happiness is found in union with God.  This is something that seems so elementary and easy to understand, yet it is very hard to live.  It is so hard for me to escape from all of the television , internet and all of the other things around me to spend time pursuing my relationship with Jesus in which all of my true happiness is found.  I tend to forfeit happiness and joy in God for the temporary pleasures of something that will never in the end satisfy.