Book Review Friday and Free Give Away: Just a Minute by Wess Stafford

In Just a Minute: In the Heart of a Child, One Moment…Can Last Forever, Wess Stafford, the President and CEO of Compassion International, presents a compelling book challenging message to make every moment count to positively impact the life of a child.  Stafford’s thesis is

“I have become convinced that if God stands a child before you, for even just a minute, its a divine appointment.” (p. 14)

Just a Minute is a book of stories of such divine appointments.  The stories include both positive and negative moments that greatly impacted the lives of children.  The stories come from Stafford’s work with Compassion International, history, biography, and from people that submitted their stories.  Stafford’s heart of compassion and love for children, which is evident in his books and ministry, shines forth through the book.  He has been the child who has been both positively and negatively impacted by adults.  These experiences have shaped him to become one of the leading voices for children in poverty.

Stafford’s book is a good read that is heart-warming and compelling.  He really makes readers think about the way that they handle a conversation with a child.  In a world that so often against children,Just a Minute calls readers to take a minute to make an eternal impact on the life of a child.

Free Give Away: One winner will be selected to receive a free hardback copy of Just a Minute via mail.  To enter, comment on this post with a way that God could use you to make a difference for eternity in the lift of a child.  The winner will be announced at noon CST on Sunday, July 1st.

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    I have known how one moment with a child can bring significant impact to his/ her life. I come from Africa, Kenya. Compassion international President , Dr Wess Stafford visited our village. A dusty and tiny village in Maasailand where one of projects is located. The project is Najile child development center( ke-901). The project patron on behalf of the community requested the president for a girls boarding secondary school. The requested was gladly accepted. As i write, Ewuaso girls school is up and running. I am glad the President himself presided the graduation ceremony of the pioneer students. There is a renewed sense of hope to the Maasai girls. The future is looking bright. Thank you very much for the sponsors for your generous contribution. Thank you Dr Wess for your vision and prayers. May God bless you richly.
    I pray for the state of Colorado Springs as you go through the difficult moment of controlling the wildfires caused by prolonged drought. Thank God for the rains.

  • benbirdsong

    The winner of Wess Stafford’s book Just a Minute is Chris Pareyio.  Congratulations Chris!  I will email you about getting information to mail you the book.