Rob Bell: Everything Is Spiritual Tour Thoughts

Everything Is Spiritual DVD 

I went out and bought the Everything Is Spiritual Tour DVD by Rob Bell after having it highly recommended on several podcasts that I frequently listen to.  Rob Bell, the teaching pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, never seems to disappoint.  What I really love about listening to or watching Rob is the different angle and view of presentation that he takes when presenting the Bible and the gospel.  Rob’s preaching always has very strong backing in historical Jewish tradition and the Hebrew scriptures.  This adds a whole new dimension when Rob preaches on both the Old and New Testament biblical text.  The Everything Is Spiritual Tour left me thinking for hours and what will probably be days after the end of the short 1 1/2 hour DVD.  In this message, Rob looks into the first chapter of Genesis.  This study is documented throughout the film on the biggest white board that the world has ever seen.  Through this message Rob breaks down the initial word for God in Genesis 1:1Open Link in New Window which is Elohim by showing the picture of a God living together in community in the trinity.  He makes an obvious point from the beginning of the discussion to view the text from Genesis as a piece of Hebrew poetry.  This is important to note because as is clear from the nature of the message he is intending on pulling all people in the room whether they consider themselves to be spiritual people or not into this message.  Then there is an argument from the existence of God painted by Rob showing the ideal position and design of earth in order to maintain human life.  Rob then goes on to break down the complexities and oddness of the functioning of the universe from the huge things such as stars and galaxies to the small things like an atom. This discussion then leads back to his core argument in Genesis 1Open Link in New Window.  He uses an extended comparison between the physical creation of the world and animals seen in Genesis 1Open Link in New Window and the detailed creation of man in the end of Genesis 1Open Link in New Window and more closely focused on in Genesis 2Open Link in New Window where man is seen as being not only physical but spiritual.  Rob argues from the context of Genesis 1Open Link in New Window and 2 that man is the only part of creation where there is not only a physical aspect to man but a spiritual one.  As he points out, this has huge implications on the lives of humans.  We are all at our core spiritual beings, but some people just decide not to recognize that fact.  It is like they are living in a two dimensional world when the world is really three dimensional.  Rob points out that dividing the physical and spiritual leads to several problems that we see in American Christianity.  When we see God and spirituality as being only existent at a single location or day and time of the week, we disconnect ourselves from who Jesus Christ has called us to be.  Rob pointed out a view of the church which is a picture of people living in community trying to encourage and learn from each other about what it looks like to follow Jesus and then looking outward to see how they can most effectively be Jesus’s hands and feet to the world around them.  He ends with a picture of the gospel and Jesus Christ who makes the whole world fit together and has handcrafted each person with a spiritual longing for Him.  This is an excellent and thought provoking message that I highly recommend.  For more information about the Everything Is Spiritual Tour, check out the tour’s website.