Book Review Friday: Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris

In Dug Down Deep: Building Your Life on Truths that Last, Joshua Harris presents a concise and compelling theological reflection on basic Christian beliefs.  This book comes out of Harris’ own journey from becoming a bestselling author of I Left Dating Behind to being involved in the charismatic movement to becoming a student of C. J. Mahaney to becoming the pastor of Covenant Life Church.  Through this journey, Harris began to see the essential value of theology and the gospel in the Christian life and ministry.  From this theological understanding comes his desire to write Dug Down Deep.

Harris begins the book by establishing the necessity of having a correct view about God and having a good foundation on which to build your life.  He then addresses relevant theological issues such as God, scripture, Jesus, justification, conversion, sanctification, Holy Spirit, and the church.  These issues are all addressed from a Reformation theological perspective that is clearly influenced by John Piper, J. I. Packer, Mark Dever, and C. J. Mahaney.  As Harris addresses these issues, he approaches them in a way that makes truth both compelling and accessible to his readers.  He frequently uses stories and cultural examples to make the truth come alive.  Harris’ approach and writing style make Dug Down Deep a good introductory volume to a thoughtful study of Christian theology.

Dug Down Deep ends with a helpful call to embrace a humble orthodoxy.  Harris is clear to note that there are holes in all of our theologies so we must approach the study with humility toward God and others.  As he describes, heaven will be full of apologies given by those who failed to embrace humility in their desire for orthodoxy.  This was a very helpful distinction and characterized the humility with which Harris approached the book.

Joshua Harris has produced a great resource to practically and accessibly introduce readers to the topic of Christian theology.  Dug Down Deep leaves readers with a hunger to study more about theology yet a humility to realize that no one has all the answers but God alone.

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