Book Review Friday: Greater by Steven Furtick

In Greater: Dream Bigger, Start Smaller, Ignite God’s Vision for Your Life, Steven Furtick presents yet another challenging book calling the church to live lives of radical faith.  In his first book, Sun Stand Still, he challenged his readers to ask God to do God-sized things through prayer.  Greater serves, in a way, as a follow up to Sun Stand Still.  He calls his readers to trust God to live a greater life through them.

Greater is grounded in the story of Elisha under the premise that God can use ordinary people to do extraordinary things for His fame and His glory.  Throughout the book, Furtick constantly reiterates the fact that God is the One who does the greater work through our lives.  This is not merely a self-help book for greater personal achievement.

Furtick’s book is a call to step out on faith knowing that even though faith can be challenging at times we serve a God who is faithful to carry out His purposes according to His plan. The messiness of faith presented in the book gives readers a realistic picture of what it often looks like to follow Jesus and makes up one of the most helpful chapters in the book.  Furtick frames his book loosely around the story of Elisha with stories and examples to motivate readers that they can live a greater life. This makes the book very practical and inspiring.

Greater is an easy yet personally challenging read.  God wants to do great things through people who are fully surrendered to Him and are willing to leave their comfort zones behind and follow Jesus.  Furtick once again succeeds in calling the church to become more of who God is calling and equipping her to be.

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