Ecuador Mission Trip- Day 1- Saturday, September 1st, 2012

After flying to Quito on Friday, we rode on a bus to Riobamba, which is our home base city for ministry for the week. On Saturday night after arriving in Riobamba, we met our host church pastor and prayer walked the community. It is always an eye opening experience to walk the streets of a new city where you do not understand the language.

As we prayer walked, we prayed that God would open the doors for people of peace who wold be open to the message of the gospel. As we go and share, we know that it is the Holy Spirit who is the primary Actor in salvation. It is He who opens people’s hearts and lives to the gospel message. As we evangelize, we can simply share the truth of Jesus who has changed our lives and ask each person what he or she will do with Jesus.

As I met the pastor and team, I was excited about the opportunity to partner with fellow believers. The goal of our trip with E3 Partners is to help equip and empower a church to make disciples of their community. This does not mean merely making converts who pray a prayer to save their skin in eternity, but it is intentionally investing in new believers and other Christians to teach them what it means to truly follow Jesus by living a life of a disciple. This ministry is very New Testament in its approach and seeks to connect believers in local house church small groups in their neighborhoods. I am praying that the Holy Spirit moves through the unchanging message of the gospel to draw people to a relationship with Jesus Christ!

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