Ecuador Mission Trip- Day 6- Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Today was our last day in Riobamba. We had lunch with the national team and pastor who we had worked with this week. It is always amazing to me how much thanks and excitement they have for us coming and the work that God has allowed us to do in these days in Riobamba. Saying goodbye is always hard, but we will see each other again in heaven. That is another hope of the gospel – goodbyes on the earth are not final for those who surrender to Jesus.

As we drove from Riobamba back to Quito, I was amazed by the beauty of God’s creation. His glory is truly displayed in the beauty of Ecuador. As we looked at Mount Cotopaxi, one of the largest active volcanoes on the planet, I was amazed that God created such beauty simply to declare how great He is.

This trip has truly been a blessing! God has moved in great ways, and I have been encouraged to see God at work in His church in Ecuador.

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