Wednesday’s Word: It Is Finished

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“We don’t fight this war for victory; we fight this war from victory.” – Dr. David Platt, “The Church at War”

Sometimes victory comes at surprising places.  As the Savior of the Universe breathed His final breath, he proclaimed a single word of victory.  In English, it translates to “It is finished.”  This is a cry of victory, a word of triumph, and a statement of completion.  In his final breath, Jesus exclaimed the truth that we so often forget in our Christian lives – Jesus has won the victory. 

We so often lose sight of this truth because we subtly believe that Jesus’ victory on the cross secured our eternity but it had little effect on our day to day lives as we try to follow Jesus.  We so often believe that Jesus has taken care of our future, but we so often feel that it is our responsibilities as Christians to do our best to take care of the present.  Therefore, many Christians live defeated Christian lives because they are trying to fight for victory over sin, temptation, and the trials of life rather than fighting from the victory that Jesus purchased for them on the cross.

If Jesus has ultimately purchased victory for us on the cross, the key to living in victory is embracing the discipline of surrender.  As we surrender to the work of Jesus in our own hearts and lives, He becomes the One who fights for victory on our behalf.  It becomes less and less about our own works and performance as we surrender to His work in us.

We can have confidence that one day we will stand before God in a world where there is no more sin, pain, struggle, and temptation.  We can have this hope because the same Jesus who fights in us has been the One who was victorious for us on the cross.  “It is finished” are not words of despair or defeat – but victory and hope.  Let us live lives of surrender awaiting the coming of our eternal hope!

Daily Prayer

Lord Jesus, Help me to fight from your victory rather than trying to earn my own victory.  I know that at the cross You won the battle.  When the battle gets hard for me today, help me to cling to the hope that the victory has already been won.  Amen.

Thought for the Day

Following Jesus is simply embracing surrender and living from the place of His victory for us on the cross.

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