Book Review Friday: Relentless Pursuit by Ken Gire

In Relentless Pursuit, Ken Gire presents a compelling book that shows the power of God’s redeeming love for outsiders.  Using the real life stories of Anne Lamott, C. S. Lewis, Francis Thompson’s The Hound of Heaven, and his own personal story of encountering grace and healing through the gospel, Gire makes the pursuit of God come alive to his readers.  These stories inspire greater faith in the beauty and greatness of divine rescue and cause readers to reflect on their own personal stories of divine pursuit.
Besides personal stories of divine pursuit, Gire presents a biblical theology of the outsider and God’s love for the outsider.  This theology is developed from the Levitical law’s perspective of the outsider as well as Jesus’ ministry to the outsider.  After developing the divine love for the outsider, Gire goes on to present the truth that at the cross Jesus became an outsider for us so that we can become insiders.   This powerful gospel truth is what the book Relentless Pursuit hinges on.
Gire challenges his readers to embrace Jesus’ heart for the outsider in their own lives.  He admits that this is a challenge.  We so often want to try to help people by doing what we think is necessary to fix them or their problems.  Gire reminds us of the truth that we are sometimes called to simply be a friend and be present for an outsider rather than trying to fix them or their situation.
Relentless Pursuit is a compelling book that combines personal experiences with solid theology to challenge readers to both worship the God who rescues and to love the outsiders that He deeply desires to rescue.  This book is a good tool for personal and small group reflection of the rescue we have found in Jesus and the call to be rescuing agents in the world.

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