Book Review Friday: Embracing Obscuity by Anonymous

When Broadman and Holman Publishers contacted me about reviewing a book about Embracing Obscurity from an Anonymous author, I was immediately intrigued.  “Why would someone ever take the time to write a book to publish it anonymously?” I wondered.  As I opened the book and began to read, the purpose of the anonymous nature of the author came through. Embracing Obscurity is a biblical call to become less, find our identity and value in Jesus, and then live to promote His fame.  This is a challenging read that is very convicting, and the unnamed voice throughout the pages speaks to readers like the voice of the Holy Spirit calling each person to personal self-evaluation.

In a world and church culture that thrives on accolades and self-promotion, Embracing Obscurity calls readers to become less so that Jesus can become more in and through them.  This book has a solid treatment of the scriptures arguing for the role that we should have as Christians is seeking to become less so that Jesus can become more.  We can only truly become less when we redefine success in light of the gospel.  Success is living for Jesus and His kingdom rather than building our own kingdoms – no matter how religious they may seem.  We must also find our true identity in the fact that we have been loved and rescued by the God of the universe regardless of our performance.

The unknown author then goes on to discuss the role of service, sacrifice, and standing out in a crowd in the Christian life.  We are biblically called to be different as Christians in how we serve, suffer, and live.  The book then goes on to challenge Christians to use any platform – small or large – that the Lord gives them to promote His fame.  The final chapter is a reminder that living a life of obscurity is worth is because their are great rewards in heaven for those who live lives that receive Jesus’ “Well done!’

Embracing Obscurity is a challenging and convicting book that is communicated powerfully through a faceless author.  It is faithful to the gospel, the cost of following Jesus, and the prize of the gospel.  This book will redefine how readers view their own success and drive them to their knees with the prayer of “He must increase, and I must decrease!”

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