Book Review Friday: Journeys of Faith

In Journeys of Faith, the amazing grace of God in conversion comes alive.  As Evangelical, Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, and Anglican Christians share their spiritual journeys, readers begin to understand that God’s work in the church is much larger than any one of our denominations can hold.  This book tells the compelling stories of God’s work while also clearly describing the distinctives that make each one of these expressions of Christianity their own.

The four Journeys of Faith are told by Francis J. Beckwith (Catholic), Chris Castaldo (Evangelical), Lyle W. Dorsett (Anglican), and Wilbur Ellsworth (Eastern Orthodox).  After each story is shared a scholar from another faith tradition responds to the initial essay.  The response is then followed by a rebuttal essay from the original storyteller.  This approach creates a conversation regarding the faith tradition being discussed.  Though every journey is different and some faith traditions have very different theological points, it is clear that all of the people representing the traditions have a high view of God, the scriptures, and others who disagree with them from other faith traditions.

Though a reader is highly unlikely to change faith traditions from reading this book, the reader will have his or her mind opened to the different expressions of the Christian faith and will gain a greater appreciation for others who worship the same God in different ways.  This is a very helpful, inspiring, and insightful book.