Book Review: Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart by JD Greear

Stop Asking

Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart was not the book that I was expecting it to be.  Over the last year in the Southern Baptist Convention, there has been a lot of debate regarding the effectiveness of “the sinner’s prayer” as an effective evangelistic tool.  Since “asking Jesus into your heart” is term typically used with “the sinners prayer,” it would have made sense for this book to be on this debate.  Instead of focusing on theological and ministry debates, JD Greear presents this book as an extremely helpful pastoral work for those who wrestle with doubting their salvation.

The topic of doubt and faith is something that is typically not discussed in church.  Many Christians wrestle with whether or not they are truly saved, and like the title of the book suggests, they seek ways to try to get saved again and again just to be sure.  Throughout the book, Greear is real about his own struggles with doubt.  This book tells of his own theological wrestlings with the topic and finding rest in the finished work of Christ.

Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart challenges readers to rest their faith not on emotions, their sincerity, or their performance but on Christ’s performance on their behalf on the cross.  It is by seeing Jesus in my place and resting in Him that I can experience true assurance of salvation.  In this gospel-centered book, Greear biblically defines salvation as belief and repentance.  These are both works that God does in a person’s heart and life.

Greear encourages readers that the Christian life is defined by belief and repentance not just at its beginning but at every stage of life.  When we fail or doubt, we are encouraged to once again embrace faith and repentance.  This book is a great tool for Christians who are wrestling with doubt, which if we are honest is all of us at one time or another.  Through his humorous and engaging writing style, Greear passionately calls us once again to embrace the gospel and Jesus work on our behalf.  This book is an excellent read dealing with an important topic that many Christians don’t want to acknowledge exists.

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