Book Review: Why Church Matters by Joshua Harris

Why church

In Why Church Matters, Joshua Harris presents a short but challenging book about the importance of being involved in a community of believers through a local church.  This book was originally released under the title Stop Dating the Church and builds off of the theme of church hopping as “church dating.”  Harris seeks to call Christians who have opted for a version of solo Christianity to be a part of what God is doing in and through the local church.

Harris begins by painting a biblical picture of how God views the church.  She is His bride, Jesus’ body, God’s family, and His temple.  These metaphors alone describe the power, might, and place that God has given His church in the world.  Though churches are imperfect, Harris calls Christians to look at the biblical priority of the church to see God’s desire for Christians to be involved with other believers in a local church.

Why Church Matters then gets extremely practical as Harris argues why we need a local church, 10 questions to ask when seeking a church, practical ideas for getting the most out of church on a Sunday, and a call to be on mission with the church.  These chapters are all presented in a compelling manner and give Christians tools to use when seeking God’s will for the local church congregation that the Lord would lead them to join.

Harris has written a short but important book.  In a clear and concise way, he presents a theology of church and a practical manual for Christians to think personally, practically, and theologically how they can best serve the church because, as the title suggests, the church really does matter.

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