Soli Deo Gloria

This post was written in February 2007 after the Colts won the Superbowl.

Colts Prayer 

“To the Glory of God Alone!”- this is a Latin phrase that became one of the cries of the church through the ages.  It is often seen engraved in churches and seen in writings of the church fathers.  This is something that we, however, easily forget.  We seem to cry out to God when our lives are not going well, and we want his help.  We so often forget to praise Him and give Him thanks for the awesome things that He has done in our lives.  This picture (above) amazes me every time I look at it.  Tony Dungy, the Colts Head Coach, has a reputation of being a man of character and a follower of Jesus Christ both on and off the football field that is encouraging to all believers in Christ.  He maintained that character through both the good times and bad with a grace and Christ-likeness about him that has had a great impact on anyone who knows his story.  He lost his son to suicide a few years back and through that time of tremendous sorrow and trail remained strong and a strong influence for Christ.  He trusted in God amidst the struggle.  That is when people look at us as Christians the most.  It is easy to believe in Christ when you are being blessed and everything is right in the world.  It is hard, however, to trust God when you feel like your world is being ripped apart around you.  Tony was being watched by an entire world of sports fans, and he handled his pain and grief holding His Savior’s hand.  This was encouraging and made a huge impact on people who were watching.  Now that everything is grand in Tony’s world, being the first African American coach to lead a team to a Super Bowl victory, he does not forget to praise the God who not only held his hand in the hard times but raises his hand to celebrate the victory that He has provided.  And so as Tony and his players bow a knee in the locker room, they remember “Soli deo gloria!”