Book Review: Reformational Manhood by Greg Gibson

Reformational Manhood

In Reformational Manhood, Greg Gibson presents a call to young men step into the God-given role that He has called them to embrace.  This book is a challenge for men to be defined by the Word of God rather that what culture makes men to be.  Gibson points out that a cultural view of manhood is depicted in media like the TV show Two and a Half Men.  The picture given by the media is that men are to be lazy, addicted to sex, and selfish.  The biblical view of men as a leader, a provider, and a warrior stands in stark contrast to the cultural view of manhood.

Reformational Manhood seeks to address the topics of: courage, the gospel, marriage, being a leader, being a provider, being a warrior, making decisions, and redeeming your time.  These are all topics that are important to address because they are all areas in which many men fail.  These topics are all addressed through a strong biblical and theological lens.  Gibson does an effective job of handling the texts of scripture and constantly drives his readers to evaluate the truth of the text in determining the proper approach to the topic.

Gibson takes a very gospel-centered approach to the topic of biblical manhood.  He is not into writing a book full of boxes to check off in order to become a better man.  Gibson realizes the truth that we are all imperfect man trying to follow the perfect man – Jesus.  Christ is seen as the hero of the book and is presented as the only truly perfect man.

Reformational Manhood is a concise but clear book that addresses the topics of manhood from a biblical and gospel-centered perspective.  It is a quick read that is packed with biblical truth.  Gibson’s call for men to become everything God created them to be is a needed reminder that points men back to their need for Jesus to transform them so they can transform the world around them.

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