Book Review: The Customer Rules by Lee Cockerell

In The Customer Rules, former Disney executive Lee Cockerell presents 39 clear applicational principles for good customer service.  These principles are broken up into simple chapters that the reader can easily digest in a single sitting.  I found it helpful to read a chapter a day, and then to think about the application of the principle to my life.  Cockerell’s years of business and customer service experience make him an excellent person to write on this topic.

The main point of the book is to keep your customers constantly in mind and to do everything in your power to exceed their expectations.  He illustrates this point clearly through both positive and negative customer service experiences.  This makes pictures of success and failure clear to the reader.

The Customer Rules is a great resource for any person who works with people in his or her life or business.  These principles will make you more effective in serving others and making sure that they have a positive experience with you and your business.