Book Review: Humble Orthodoxy by Joshua Harris

In Humble Orthodoxy, Joshua Harris continues the topic that he first introduced in his book, Dug Down Deep.  This is a short and profoundly helpful book that dives deep into the topic of how to approach others who disagree on doctrine.  As Christians, we have a tendency to fight and treat each other in a gospel-less fashion when it comes to people who disagree with our doctrine.  Harris calls his readers to consider a gospel-focused way of approaching those with doctrinal differences.

One of the most profound insights that Harris offers in the book is that one day when we all stand before God the only Person who will be right will be God Himself.  We can think that we have our theological understandings perfectly held together and that we have the true understanding of the intent of the biblical text, but in reality, there are holes in all of our theologies.  This leads us to the position of humility – knowing that in places we are wrong and have missed it yet understanding that one day God will reveal the truth.

Humble Orthodoxy is a book that every believer should read with an open mind and heart.  Harris reminds us that as we attempt to defend the truths of the gospel we must also make sure and reflect the truth of the gospel in our attitudes, actions, and approaches to those with whom we disagree.  This book will challenge readers and call them back to a place of humility knowing that God is the only one who truly has it right.