Book Review: Dirty God by Johnnie Moore

In Dirty God, Johnnie Moore paints a compelling picture of the power of the gospel to transform the way we minister to the least of these.  Prior to this book, Moore was an unknown author to me, but by journeying through Dirty God, I have a desire to read more books by him.  He is an engaging writer who brings together his personal stories on the mission field with a solid theological understanding of the amazing nature of the incarnation.

Dirty God will make you view Jesus becoming a man, i.e. the incarnation, in a new light.  Moore argues that if we are going to truly be followers of Jesus we need to be willing to get dirty for the cause of the gospel.  He reminds his readers that Jesus forfeited the respect of the religious elite of His day in order to be about bringing His kingdom to the darkest and most broken places on the planet. Moore calls his readers to be willing to sacrifice for the cause of Christ by bringing the hope of the kingdom to the dark places.

This book is written as a call to get dirty.  Moore reminds us that as Christians we have a great mission and follow a great Savior.  He was willing to give His all for us so our response of worship should be to give our all for Him for the sake of broken people in our neighborhoods, communities, and world.