Just Give Me Jesus

As I walked the streets of Cuenca, Ecuador today, I was reminded of God’s faithfulness and sovereignty. Since I have a type A personality, I enjoy being in charge, making a game plan, and watching the game plan unfold, but today God determined that His game plan was better than mine.

Our team was on a limited timeframe, and we were walking to have a follow up discipleship meeting with a new believer. This enthusiastic man approaches me and grabs my hand. I was kind of concerned about random people running up to me because I was approached by a very intoxicated man yesterday. The drunk man grabbed my hand, told me I had beautiful eyes, and other things that I could not determine through my translators laughter. But today, the man was not a drunkard, but he was a seeker sent by God.

As the man grabbed my hand, he asked my translator if I was a pastor from the States. He then asked us to go to his sister’s store to share Jesus with him and his family. I have been on numerous mission trips and things like this don’t normally happen. Once we arrived at the store, I shared with the family the gospel message, and they all came to believe. The enthusiastic man then joined our Bible study this evening. He is excited about the gospel and is seeking to make disciples of people in his community.

Today, I was reminded that God is the One who really gets to determine the game plan, and that even though I sometimes struggle to understand the upcoming plays, He is working out all things for His glory and my good. I was also reminded that people don’t need church buildings, materials, programs, and training to come to know the life changing power of the gospel – the call of the man is the call of the lost everywhere – “Just give me Jesus!”

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