Book Review: Firsthand by Ryan and Josh Shook

There is nothing more important that owning your faith.  This is the important topic that Ryan and Josh Shook seek to address in Firsthand: Ditching Secondhand Religion for a Faith of Your Own.  The Shook brothers have written an important book for teenagers and young adults.

For people who grew up in church, it is easy to try to live off of your parent’s faith.  Many students are involved in faith because their parents expect them to be and embrace Christianity simply because it is what they grew up with.  This level of belief falls short of what true faith is and leads many students to walk away from the faith when they move out of their parent’s home.

Firsthand comes out of Ryan’s and Josh’s own personal struggles to determine what faith would look like for them as young adults.  This is an honest book from a real life struggle to discover truth and learn to live as a Christian young adult.  This book effectively addresses the struggles of being real, leaving legalism behind, wrestling with doubt, living God’s mission, and embracing the church once again.  The discussion questions and additional resources make this a great resource for small groups to use.

Josh and Ryan Shook have written a helpful and practical book on a topic that needs to be addressed.  From beginning with struggles with the church, they come to realize the importance of the church in the end.  For many teenagers and young adults, this book will be a great resource in owning their own faith Firsthand.