Book Review: The God-First Life by Stovall Weems


In The God-First Life: Uncomplicate Your Life, God’s Way, Stovall Weems seeks to provide a beginners guide to the Christian faith that is grounded in the truth of Matthew 6:33Open Link in New Window.  Weems writes of the importance of building your faith around putting God first in your life and priorities as the simple truth of how to live the Christian life.

Weems’ book faithfully works out the implications of a God-First Life by exploring the newness of life that comes with a relationship with Jesus.  Because of Jesus, Christians have new priorities, a new family, a new life, and a new freedom.  Throughout the book, Weems does an effective job of linking Christian living, having a God-first life, to the new status that we have as believers because of our relationship with Jesus.  This helpfully steers readers towards an approach to faith centered in a life-giving relationship with Jesus as opposed to a life-zapping religious approach of trying to follow all the rules.  This biblical truth is something that many Christians miss when it comes to the topic of Christian living.

The God-First Life effectively encourages Christian community in a local church as well as finding freedom from your past, freedom in your present, and freedom for your future in Jesus.  These are very practical and life-giving topics that help to ground readers in the freedom and community found in the gospel.  Weems clearly shows his readers that their new identities in Jesus will change everything about how they view their lives in community and the freedom Jesus brought them at the cross.

Stovall Weems writes a compelling book for practical Christian living in The God-First Life.  This is a good resource for new believers that helps to ground them in their new identity and new life in a relationship with Jesus.