Dust on the Mirror

There has been a recurrent theme that the Holy Spirit keeps bringing to my mind and heart.  It is this idea of the fact that we, as Christians, are called to reflect the glory and holiness of Christ in and through out lives so that people around us can see the beauty of the Savior in and through our life.  The theme that keeps coming up regarding this is things that create dust on our life mirror reflecting the glorious image of Christ to the world around us.  This theme has come up in a book that I was reading about becoming holy and set apart for God.  This book talks about how we allow dirt to get into our minds and hearts whether that dirt comes from things that we expose ourselves to on TV, in movies, or online.  These are things that fill our mind and distort our view of morality and the world around us.  We subtly begin to believe that if something is seen as acceptable to people around us or people on TV that it is therefore acceptable to God.  This theme was brought up again on Sunday when I went to hear one of my favorite preachers, Dr. Calvin Miller, speak at a church.  He was talking about Sodom and Gomorrah and the sinfulness and wickedness of those cities and then compared them to our culture.  He talked about how lightly we view sin in the world around us and how our standards begin to become more and more lax with regard to what media we expose our minds and hearts to.  This was really convicting in light of everything else that God has been teaching me on this topic.  Then I turned on my iPod today to get my daily dose of preaching podcasts, Francis Chan was preaching on when we desire sin more than God.  He looked at the picture in the book of Jeremiah of the people leaving God, the Fountain of Living Water, to turn to their own cisterns that do not hold water.  He went on to talk about fixing our gaze on Christ and how Satan likes to wave hooks of temptation in front of us, but we must keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.  I know so often in my life, I get my gaze off of Christ and bite one of Satan’s hooks.  Then this theme came up again, I was listening to another podcast from a church who has been dealing with unfaithfulness and sin in a former pastors life that had just been made public.  The current pastor was preaching on how we deal with sin in church leadership.  He came back to this theme of being accountable to others and that we are called to reflect the glorious image of Christ.  God, make me someone who presents a untarnished picture of Your glory and holiness to a watching world.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit, dust away all of the dust that I have allowed to collect on my reflection of you.