Book Review: A Commentary on Judges and Ruth by Robert B. Chisholm, Jr.

Judges and Ruth

This edition of the Kregel Exegetical Commentary series on Judges and Ruth is a great resource on these Old Testament books that are so intertwined within narrative of the Old Testament.  Robert B. Chisholm, Jr. has produced a readable yet thought provoking commentary.  By bringing the latest Old Testament scholarship together with the practicability of making the story of Judges and Ruth come alive, Chisholm has created a resource that is helpful to both the pastor and the scholar.

Some of the more helpful parts of the commentary include short reviews of other modern day commentaries on the books.  This gives readers a guide for other helpful resources to aide them in their study.  Chisholm also includes helpful introductions to the books, which include sermon ideas on how a pastor might approach preaching through the book.  In this volume, Kregel has written yet another helpful resource for readers to engage with the scripture on a deep and thoughtful level.