Return of the King

Earlier this week, I was listening to Francis Chan, a pastor who I first heard at Passion who has become one of my favorite people to hear speak.  He was talking about Jesus coming back and how we should be excited about that like a bride would be excited for her wedding day.  That really hit me because I do not even think about Christ coming back much at all.  He then went on to share about comforting people with the return of Christ.  This I think is something that we often miss.  When we see the world falling apart around us and feel like there is no hope, we can always rest in the fact that Jesus Christ is coming back to make all things new.  So when you hear about someone dying from cancer, when you hear the stories of the horrible genocide that is going on in the Darfur region of Sudan, when you hear about the children that were killed by a terrorist bomb, when your world falls apart, or when you have lost all hope, never forget that the King is coming back to make all things new!