Book Review: A Commentary on the Psalms (Volume 2 (42-89)) by Allen P. Ross

ross psalms 2

In A Commentary on the Psalms: Volume 2 (42-89), Dr. Allen P. Ross helpfully makes the Psalms come alive to his readers. For each Psalm covered, Ross provides:

  • A Translation of the Psalm, including variants
  • Information about the Context and Composition of the Psalm
  • An Exegetical Analysis, including an exegetical summary and outline of the Psalm
  • A Commentary on the Exposition of the Psalm
  • Message and Application of the Psalm

These are all great helps to allow readers to dive deep into the Psalms of the Bible.  From having Dr. Ross as one of my Hebrew professors, he has a great gift of making the Hebrew texts come alive and relating the truths of these texts to the live of believers.

This commentary is a great resource on the Psalms and will be a helpful tool for anyone wanting to dive deeper into the poetry book of the Old Testament.