Book Review: Moment by Acton Bowen


In Moment, Acton Bowen presents another engaging and practical student devotional book.  This 21 day devotional journey focuses on the importance of a Moment to make a difference for eternity.  The devotional book is subdivided in two sections with the first section focusing on moments from the scriptures when people have encountered God and been forever change.  This is a helpful beginning because it shows students the power and work of God in bringing true life change and making moments mater.  The second section focuses on the application moments of life and how to live a life that makes the most of the moments we are given.

In a market that is flooded with student devotional books that often lack content, scriptural engagement, and application, Acton Bowen’s Moment shines as a great light in the midst of the darkness.  This is a book that invites students to dive deeply into the texts of scripture while also causing them to think deeply about the way that the truths of the texts look in everyday life.  Throughout the book, Acton merges personal stories and biblical truth in an engaging and helpful way while encouraging every student to make every moment count!