Book Review: Manhood Restored: How the Gospel Makes Men Whole by Eric Mason

Manhood Restored

In Manhood Restored: How the Gospel Makes Men Whole, Dr. Eric Mason presents a gospel-centered call for men to embrace who they are in Jesus and to become all that He has called them to be.  Mason writes this book from a place of prophetic humility in that he calls men to do hard things but also honestly admits that following Jesus as a man of God is also a challenge for him.

Manhood Restored begins with an honest evaluation of the struggles with manhood in our culture.  Mason explores how our culture has redefined manhood away from its biblical call and how the lack of godly father figures has negatively effected many guys understanding of manhood.  After clearly diagnosing the problem, Mason leads his readers to the place where only true hope is found – the gospel.  Jesus came to restore our brokenness and make men new.

Mason practically discusses how the gospel transforms men’s worldview, sexuality, vision, family, and church.  Each one of these places of transformation are covered in a very practical and biblically grounded way.  Manhood Restored is an extremely practical book for men wanting to live more like Jesus and the men of God that the Bible calls us to be.