Book Review: The Real Win: Pursuing God’s Plan for Authentic Success by Colt McCoy and Matt Carter

The Real Win

The Real Win: A Man’s Quest for Authentic Success is a great book on biblical manhood from pastor Matt Carter and NFL quarterback Colt McCoy.  This book came out of Matt and Colt’s journey together as friends seeking God and what it means to be a man who truly follows after Jesus and seeking true success that comes through living for Him. Many men tend to define success in light of their careers.  Matt and Colt have both achieved what many people would consider success in ministry and sports, yet they know that the definitions of worldly success are not sufficient to describe true success.

Matt and Colt argue that the ability of men to experience the real win depends strongly on who we trust and who we serve.  The call throughout the book is to trust Jesus and serve Him by serving others.  In this way of winning, men focus on being faithful to follow Jesus and leave the results of their faithfulness up to Him.  Throughout the book, men are called to lead their homes, love their wives, minister to their families, work for what matters, and leave a legacy of faithfulness.  These are high callings that can only be completed by relying on God and His work in men’s lives.

The Real Win is a challenging and encouraging book that calls men to become who God has called them to become.  Matt and Colt have approached this theme in a practical and personal way that would make this a great book for a group of men to read together as they seek to have true success.  The friendship that formed this great book makes it a great tool for men to chase after Jesus together in community.

  • Joe Salamy

    As I was reading this review i was trying to picture you Preaching this. 🙂