Book Review: When I Don’t Desire God- How to Fight for Joy

When I Don’t Desire God 

I have always loved John Piper’s writings.  Ever since I was first exposed to him in the seventh grade, I am continually challenged by his writings.  The statement that I believe best sums up Piper’s writings is “God is most glorified in us while we are most satisfied in Him.”  Piper has this taste of Jonathan Edwards in his writings that also attracts me to him.  When I Don’t Desire God is by far the Piper book that has had the most impact on me.  This book focuses on fighting for joy and satisfaction in Christ.  This is really hard to do since we are so constantly distracted by things in the culture around us that are supposed to make us happy.  It is about the battle to enjoy God over everything else.  Piper addresses many practical ways to do this including using scripture to fight temptation, becoming more prayer focused, and looking for glimpses of God’s glory in everyday life.  The book also addresses killing sin in your life.  This is a great book that makes Piper’s famous statement practical to everyday life.  Piper uses this book to address the initial question to his statement: “What if I am not satisfied in God?”  He does a very good job making it practical while stressing the importance of finding satisfaction in God alone.  This is an excellent read for anyone that feels like their time with God is dry and that they need some practical ideas to seek God daily.