Book Review: Look and Live by Matt Papa

Look and Live

How do we most clearly follow Jesus?  How do we live a life of faith in the midst of a world and a culture that so strongly opposes our faith?  How do we regain a passion for Christ that we feel is waining?  How do we fight sin and idols in our lives?  These are many of the questions and challenges that many Christians face on a daily basis.  The answer is simple and clear: Look and Live.  In this book, Matt Papa writes an honest account of struggling to rest in the amazing glory of Jesus and His gospel as the central goal of the Christian life.  This is a paradigm shift that changes everything and makes this a book that every follower of Jesus should read.

Papa defines every struggle and challenge that we face as a worship problem.  We were wired for worship and made to be only satisfied in worshipping King Jesus, the only one who is truly worthy of our worship.  He then calls readers to see everything through the lens of worship.  When we sin and run after idols, our worship is directed in the wrong direction.

We grow in our Christian lives when we learn to see, behold, and be satisfied in the glory of God.  Papa helpfully and practically illustrates this truth with regard to the topics of spiritual disciplines (prayer, Bible reading, meditation, Bible memorization), missions, and suffering.  The glory and gospel of God is the truth that radically reframes all of these priorities.

Look and Live is a simple yet profound book that calls readers to fix their eyes on Jesus and to run faithfully after Him until He calls them home.  This book reframes the topic of sanctification in a gospel-saturated and practical way that makes it a great resource for believers striving to be who God is making them to be.