Book Review: Jesus Continued by J. D. Greear

Jesus Continued

In many Christian circles, the person and work of the Holy Spirit is a neglected and commonly misunderstood truth.  In Jesus Continued…Why the Spirit Inside You Is Better than Jesus Beside You, J. D. Greear presents a challenging, practical, and helpful work to encourage Christians to truly engage with the Holy Spirit.

Greear’s book focuses around the idea that many Christians falsely believe that we would find it easy to follow Jesus if we were like one of His disciples and had Jesus beside us as we walked with Him on our journey of faith.  Using scripture as His foundation, Greear argues that the Holy Spirit inside us is better than Jesus standing beside us.  This truth is shown throughout the Bible from Jesus promising that His followers would do “greater things” because the Holy Spirit would fill them than Jesus Himself had done in His ministry to Jesus’ command for the disciples to wait to fulfill the Great Commission until the Holy Spirit had come upon them.  The Holy Spirit was the One who gave the spiritual power to God’s people to do His work for His glory.

Jesus Continued is broken down into three helpful sections.  The first focuses on the important theological and biblical foundations of the Holy Spirit.  We must know the truths of the scripture and the power of the Holy Spirit before we can engage Him personally.  The second section focuses on areas where we can experience the Holy Spirit.  These areas include: the gospel, the Word of God, our giftings, the church, our spirit, and our circumstances.  These are helpful chapters that give readers practical thoughts on how the Holy Spirit engages us throughout our everyday life.  The final section focuses on how we seek the Holy Spirit.  The final section includes helpful chapters on seeking God, what to do when the Holy Spirit seems silent, and how to experience revival personally and in the church.

Like Greear’s other books, Jesus Continued is a helpful, practical, and gospel-saturated approach to an important biblical topic.  This is another great resource on the Holy Spirit which encourages believers to draw closer to the Holy Spirit through prayer, personal reliance, and seeking His work in us.