Book Review: Fairness Is Overrated by Tim Stevens

Fairness Is Overrated

How do you begin to sum up many years of leadership advice and experience into a book?  Fairness Is Overrated and 51 Other Leadership Principles to Revolutionize Your Workplace is Tim Steven’s attempt at just that.  Written in short, digestible chapters, this book feels like a coffee shop conversation with a mentor giving practical and helpful advice to church and business leaders.

Steven’s advice is broken down into 4 practical themes (which serve as the sections of his book): personal leadership, team leadership, leading an organizational culture, and leading in crisis.  These themes are each broken down into helpful chapters exploring the ends and outs of Steven’s discoveries in light of his own leadership journey.

Fairness Is Overrated has been written specifically with leadership teams in mind with questions for organizational and personal application at the end of each chapter.  This makes the book a great resource for ministry and business teams that can be used to take organizations to the next level.