Book Review: Pastor to Pastor by Erwin Lutzer

Pastor to Pastor

Those in ministry face unique challenges and pressures that they need a older and wiser mentor to walk them through.  In Pastor to Pastor: Tackling the Problems of Ministry, Erwin Lutzer seeks to be just that mentor.  Lutzer writes this book from his years of pastoral experience from a heart of a servant seeking to faithfully love and encourage other ministers.

Pastor to Pastor addresses the topics of:

  • Calling to ministry
  • Congregation expectations
  • Working with boards and committees
  • Working with people
  • Preaching
  • Leading a congregation
  • Church splits
  • Politics
  • Envy
  • Burnout
  • The church in the world
  • Counseling
  • Worship
  • Invitations
  • Dealing with the judgment of God
  • Theological attitudes
  • Priorities
  • Failure
  • Dealing with those who fall
  • The church

Each topic is addressed in a short and easily digestible chapter that makes this book a good reference book for the pastor’s library.

The most helpful chapters were the ones on counseling, invitations, and the church and the world.  Lutzer has a very thoughtful approach in how a pastor should approach these often controversial topics.  As with all issues raised in this book, Lutzer responds to issues in a way that comes from the text of scripture and is explained through personal examples.  This makes the book a great starting point in approaching pastoral issues that frequently arise in ministry.

In this book, Lutzer presents a helpful and concise resource for pastors and those who feel the Lord calling them to pastoral ministry.  Every pastor needs mentors, and Lutzer provides some helpful mentoring through Pastor to Pastor.