Book Review: Rise by Trip Lee

trip-lee Rise

What does it mean for a young Christian to rise above the cultural expectations that have been put on them?  What does can a life look like if a new believer embraces a costly discipleship and begins to live for the glory of One greater than himself or herself?  Rise: Get Up and Live in God’s Great Story is Tripp Lee’s attempt to challenge young adults and those young in their faith journey to do just that.

Rise is broken down into three simple sections: Get Up, Growing Up, and Pointing Up.  These sections come together to make a book that is built on Lee’s own personal experiences yet grounded in God’s Word as a great starting point for young adults and new believers.

In the Get Up section of the book, Lee challenges his readers to take serious the fact that time is short, expectations for them are low, the importance of taking action now, and the understanding that God is making them who he is calling them to be.  The call to take action is clear, practical, and compelling.  God has rescued His children for great things, and Lee calls his readers to embrace these great things.

In the Growing Up section of Rise, Lee addresses the importance of time management, getting your life in order, the power of God’s forgiveness, sexuality, pornography, marriage, age and wisdom, grey areas, and trials and struggles.  These are important topics that help to define the Christian life.  As we grow as believers, we will experience many of the challenges that Lee addresses.  These chapters offer helpful and biblical advice to readers on how to manage the challenges that come as we seek to grow in Christ.

In the Pointing Up section, Lee challenges his readers to let themselves be known for their love of God and others, understand that everything in life is sacred and a gift of worship to God, the gospel is worth spreading, preaching the gospel is costly, and the importance of being a member of a local church.  These are all ways in which a Christian’s faith continues to grow and flourish as they seek to exalt Jesus in their lives and join Him in His work in the world.

Rise is an easy and challenging read to begin to walk the life of faith in a way that is costly, compelling, and makes an impact on the world.  Tripp Lee personally lives this call and encourages his readers to join him in this journey of living in God’s great story.