Book Review: The Gutter

The Gutter 

In The Gutter, author Craig Gross seeks to redefine outreach in a book that serves as a wake-up-call to the church.  Craig Gross brings a great perspective to this topic considering he is one of the founding pastors of, a ministry to people both struggling with pornography and people who work in the industry.  Craig continues to bring his readers back to the example of Jesus who was willing to hang out with the undesirables of society, such as the tax collectors and prostitutes, in order to minister to them.  This book brings out the idea of “the gutter” which is the place where each one of us found ourselves before Jesus Christ came into our lives.  Craig describes the gutter as a place of doing anything possible to find satisfaction and meaning.  He describes the gutter as any place where people are lost.  Through the course of the book, he presents stories of people, including himself, who were willing to step out of their comfort zones and be used by God to show the love of Christ to someone.  This is a very challenging book that I think runs right in the face of what the church at large views outreach ministry as.  He also gives great suggestions like looking for opportunities to share with someone at Starbucks.  This is a great book written by a man who is willing to step out in faith to show the love of Jesus Christ to others.