Book Review: Delighting in God by A. W. Tozer

Delighting in God

A. W. Tozer’s writings have always been a cry to the church to once again return to the scriptures and to embracing a deep and abiding relationship with God.  Delighting in God is a volume of Tozer’s sermons that was published after his death with his writings around the topic of seeking and finding delight and contentment in God.  In a church culture where contentment can so easily be found in prosperity, numbers, and comforts, Tozer’s book stands as a passionate call to the church to embrace what truly matters.

As usual, Tozer’s book begins with a call to look up and see the greatness and glory of God. According to Tozer, our perception of God is what matters most and what truly effects every other area of our spiritual lives.  In reflecting on the church of his day, Tozer states that “we seem to have a great deal of passion for anything but God” (p. 20).  Restoring this perception of God is found by studying the character of God and standing in awe of God Himself once again.  This book seeks to lead readers on a journey to pursue the beauty of God through the scriptures once again.

Delighting in God is a challenging and convicting book that helps encourage Christians to once again seek God Himself and to find true delight and value in our relationship with Him.