Book Review: The Screwtape Letters

Screwtape Letters 

This is a classic book by a beloved author.  C. S. Lewis brings his heart for presenting theology and his great skill as a fiction writer together in this book.  This is a collection of letters of dialogue from Screwtape, an older demon, written to a young demon, Wormwood, to teach him how to tempt people.  The letters consist of very interesting dialogue, and the book gives you very interesting thoughts on temptation and how to respond to it.  Lewis presents his thoughts on temptation clearly in this book in a very interesting and readable way.  The part of this book that stands out the most to me is when Screwtape is informed that one of the people that Wormwood had been tempting had become a Christian.  His response was that the best thing that Wormwood could do now was to keep the new Christian content in where he was spiritually.  If Wormwood could make this new Christian apathetic and his faith, he would have no impact on any other people.  This is a very interesting way that Lewis uses to present the idea that apathy leads Christians to have no impact on others around them.  This is just one of the hidden ideas that readers will find throughout the book.  This is a must read for any Christian to give new insights on the theology and ways of temptation.