Book Review: Soul Cravings

Soul Cravings 

In Soul Cravings, Erwin Raphael McManus creatively presents an argument for the existence of God.  He talks about our desires as human beings for intimacy, destiny, and meaning.  He highlights each specific desire and presents stories of ways that people try to pursue this desire.  He then goes on to argue with each of the desires that the desire itself was placed there by God in order to draw us to Himself.  He shows that the only true satisfaction for each one of these desires is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.  McManus has a strong background in philosophy and culture which causes this book to be filled with quotes from philosophers, song lyrics, and movie themes.  This makes this book an easy read, and helps it to be a great book for connecting to people who do not know Christ or do not have a Christian background.  This is a great read.  It reminds me of an expanded modern exploration of the quote by St. Augustine in his book The Confessions – “A soul is restless until it finds rest in Thee.”