Book Review: i am not but i know I AM

i am not but i know I AM 

In i am not but i know I AM, Louie Giglio presents a great book about the sufficiency of Christ and our insufficiency.  He bases his entire book off of Moses’s encounter with God in the burning bush.  Giglio uses this illustration to go on to discuss us living in light of God’s glory and greatness.  He discusses that God has a story that is going on according to His divine plan and that we can go along with that story and further promote God’s greatness or we can focus on our own stories in order to gain glory for ourselves.  Those readers who are familiar with the Passion movement, a college ministry focused on the glory and greatness of God founded by Giglio, will see familiar themes in this book.  He goes on to discuss how we can serve in God’s kingdom for His glory and fame.  The highlight of this book for me is when Giglio describes the name that God gives Moses to tell Pharaoh when he would be asked who has sent him.  The name that was given is I AM.  He uses this to talk about God’s sufficiency in the midst of our failure and insufficiency.  He goes on to talk about the greatness of God.  He discusses how Jesus coming to earth was in order that He could be perfect and live a perfect life on our behalf.  This book continues on focusing on the sufficiency and greatness of God.  This is a great word study book on I AM and is also a great encouragement to any Christian who sees themselves as a failure.  Giglio, in this book, brings together the greatness and grace of God in a book that is encouraging and empowering.