Book Review: Live Love Lead by Brian Houston


In Live, Love, Lead, Hillsong Pastor Brian Houston shares his insights from his own spiritual journey and the journey of Hillsong Church in a way that is powerful, practical, and relevant to both the ministry leader and everyday Christ-follower.  Houston’s book is very real in that it doesn’t only share the successes and happy moments of the Hillsong journey and his personal walk with Jesus.  This is a book written through times of great spiritual and personal darkness, yet Houston constantly challenges his readers to cling to hope and grace with faith knowing that God is truly at work in all seasons of life.

Live Love Lead is a challenge to readers to find their spiritual gifts and calling and to pursue Jesus and building His kingdom in the midst of wherever God has placed them.  Houston clearly believes that God has gifted every member of the church for ministry and has given them a unique calling to impact the world.  Through this impact, God’s kingdom is spread throughout the world.  This is a compelling presentation of the Great Commission and a call for every follower of Jesus to join into God’s work.

Houston constantly points his readers to the hope of grace and the gospel while also reminding them that God has a plan that He is ultimately going to fulfill.  This eternal hope is the driving power for the believer in the midst of the challenges of living for and serving Jesus in the midst of the world.  This is the hope that the Christian longs for and that Houston clearly challenges the church to long for on a deeper level.

Live Love Lead is a compelling book written from the personal and ministry struggles and successes of a successful global pastor.  It is a read that challenges Christians to pursue who they are in Jesus and how He may be calling them to impact their world as they seek to live for Jesus, love others, and lead the kingdom.