Book Review: Can Man Live Without God

Can Man Live Without God 

In Can Man Live without God, Ravi Zacharias presents a compelling argument for the rationality and reasonableness of Christianity as a worldview in the face of atheism.  Ravi presents the problems that the atheist faces including the endless search for meaning and satisfaction, the problem of pain, and other issues faced by atheism.  Ravi then goes on to discuss the ideologies that are frequently faced in the culture.  He goes on to defend Christianity as a valid worldview and what is presented in the context of a Christian worldview.  Ravi argues that in the context of a Christian worldview we find unity in diversity in the person of the trinity, the role that worship plays in the life of a Christian, joy that Christ gives in the midst of suffering, and how love and justice come together perfectly in the cross of Christ.  This is a book that talks about deep philosophical themes in a way that is easily readable to someone who is not used to reading works on apologetics, worldviews, and philosophies.  The book also has appendices that are very helpful.  Ravi gives a transcript from a question and answer session after presenting the ideas and themes presented in this book.  He is able to answer questions in an easily to understand way that presents his depth of knowledge and wisdom in philosophies and the Christian worldview.  There is also a history of the philosophy of atheism presented that tracks you through the philosophers that formed the ideas that we see frequently presented in the world around us.  This is a great book and a must read for anyone struggling to share with and atheist or having doubts about his or her faith in Christ.