Book Review: Who Moved My Pulpit? by Thom Ranier

who-moved-my-pulpit-3dHow do you lead effective change within the church?  This is the topic addressed by Thom S. Rainer in Who Moved My Pulpit?: Leading Change in the Church.  Leading change is a challenge especially in established organizations with many people giving input like you have in the context of the local church.

In typical Ranier style, this book is written in an easy to read format that combines stories of local churches with the leadership principles that he is trying to teach.  According to Who Moved My Pulpit?, leading change in the church is accomplished by the following steps:

  • Stop and Pray
  • Confront and Communicate a Sense of Urgency
  • Build an Eager Coalition
  • Become a Voice of Vision and Hope
  • Deal with People issues
  • Move from an Inward Focus to an Outward Focus
  • Pick Low-Hanging Fruit
  • Implement and Consolidate Change

This is a helpful and accessible book for pastors and church leaders seeking to lead their congregation to grow through change. Rainer’s continual focus on relying on God’s work while personally strategizing and preparing for God’s work make this a biblically focused yet practically relevant read for those seeking to lead change.