Book Review: People of the Second Chance by Mike Foster

people-of-the-second-chanceWhat does it look like to both seek to experience the power of grace for yourself and then to extend the greatness of grace to others? This is the simple yet life-changing question that Mike Foster seeks to tackle in his book People of the Second Chance: A Guide to Bringing Life-Saving Love to the World.

People of the Second Chance is part exposition of the Prodigal Son story, part personal memoir, part personal counseling guide, and part challenge.  Foster presents a book that is personal, practical, and life-giving.  For many people who struggle to forgive themselves, love others, and be willing to celebrate the power of the grace of God at work, this book offers an invitation to begin to experience all of these things in an easy to read and helpful way.

Foster’s book will leave you in awe of the power of God’s grace at work in your own heart and life and excited to extend that same grace that you have received to others.  This is an excellent book that will both grow your personal walk on a journey of grace and set a passion within you to lead others to experience their own personal story of grace.