Picture of the Gospel in the Midsts of 300

“Freedom is not free at all.  It comes with a cost- the cost of bood.” – The Queen of Sparta in 300

I was watching the movie 300 the other night when I came across this quote that really struck me.  This is a quote that was used by the Queen of Sparta when she was attempting to purswade the Spartan senate to send more troops to join her husband King Leonidas and his 300 brave men in the Battle of Thermopylae against King Xerxes and his Persian Army.  This quote so closely parallels the gospel which leads it to stand out to Christians.  Our freedom that we have is not freedom from a ruling dictator Xerxes that sees himself as divine, but rather it is freedom from ourselves and our own depravity.  Jesus paid with to pave the way to cleanse us from the power that our sin had over our lives.  Freedom from our sin, struggles, and the depravity of our hearts has been found! But this freedom has come with a great cost.  The cost of the blood of the Son of God.  Let us live in light of that freedom!