When Love Is Reduced to Biology


One of the effects of the worldview of secular humanism and its scientific cousin of Darwinism is the reduction of all of life to the processes of evolution and biology.  This weeks issue of Timemagazine so clearly paints the picture of what happens when secular humanism and Darwinism goes from theories and ideologies presented in the halls of academia to a worldview that is lived out in the real world.  When you so easily and quickly reduce the entire world to biology, matter, and the process of evolution, you have a tendency to choke out the joys of life and living in that it becomes an explainable scientific phenomenon that any true meaning and feeling behind an action is merely reduced to the explainable.  I personally do not want to have emotions and feelings of love, caring, and friendship reduced to a merely biological response to given stimuli.  This is one reason that the Christian worldview gets to the heart of people.  The Christian worldview over and against any other explanation of the world presents the world as we know that it should be.  Feelings of love and care cannot be reduced to mere functions of biology due to the fact that they come deep from the heart of each man and woman.  They have been placed into each one of our hearts by a God who created us for love care and community.  This is how we reflect His image by living out on earth the loving community that is found in the triune God.  Let us fully embrace His image and not let our humanity and hearts be reduced to scientific explanations.