Lost in Worship

This post is from January 2007: 

There is something indescribable about being together with thousands of people for the purpose of worshipping and praising God.  This was what God really showed me through Passion 07 this year.  I have been reflecting on Passion over the last week and the worship just really came back to my mind.  Francis Chan, one of the speakers at Passion and senior pastor at a church in Simi Valley, California, said that he had prayed that God would bring a whole stadium of people together in order to worship and give glory and praise to God alone.  He had this thought while watching the LA Lakers play a game several years ago.  He noted how sad it was that people were so excited over something so pointless as some people trying to put a ball in a net.  This really stuck with me over the last week.  When we come to worship, we get lost in the greatness and grace of God.  In the time of worship as we gathered in that courtyard between the Georgia Dome and Phillips Arena (see picture above), the things that we so frequently allow to cause divisions in the body of Christ faded away.  It did not matter what area of the country you were from, whether you were a Democrat or a Republican, what denomination you represented, or even whether you call yourself a Calvinist or Armenianist.  All of these things faded into the background as we worship our Savior.  I think that this is going to be what heaven will be like.  All of our differences fading into the background because nothing else will matter but being lost in the glory and grace of Jesus our King!