Godly Habits

This post is from Janurary of 2007: 

The topic of habits seems to be coming up frequently in my life.  I was at a leadership training meeting for a youth trip that I was going to be a leader on with my church.  Brad, the youth pastor, was sharing about helping to encourage your students to develop godly habits such as a daily communion time with God.  He said that when people begin habits at a young age that they are more likely to continue in them for a lifetime.  I was also recently reading a book about developing godly habits.  Habits seem to come almost natural to us in some areas.  Do you ever notice how you always seem to sit in the same seat in a class at school or at church?  Do you ever notice that you stop by the same place at the same time everyday to get a drink?  We so easily get caught up into habits with everyday random activities, but it all of a sudden becomes really hard when we try to develop other habits such as memorizing scripture or taking time to pray.  I know that in my life when I try to develop these habits in my own life that I tend to become tired when I am about to do what I am trying to incorporate into my routine or I just make excuses to myself why I am not going to do it.  My prayer and desire is to begin, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to make scripture memory, prayer, and accountability more of a habit in my life.  I know that the enemy is going to try to discourage me and keep me from following through, but my God is much bigger than any sleepiness or excuse that he can place in my mind.