Full Hands

We so often get consumed with holding onto stuff that we should surrender to Jesus.  It is so easy to get caught up in holding onto our past failures and sins.  Satan finds it fun to bring these back up again and again in our minds.  He reminds us that we have done ___________ and therefore who are we to serve God and minister to people.  He brings up not only the sends of the long ago past but the failures of yesterday.  He focuses our minds on our walk with Christ as being a time of continual failure and sin.  He then plants thoughts into our minds and hearts that Jesus is looking down on us with a frown and that we will never measure up.  This is true in one sense that we will never measure up to the holy standard of God.  This is why Jesus came to be adequate on our behalf.  This is one thing that we so frequently hold.  Another think that we hold is our successes.  We look back on our resumes and accomplishments and decided that we can do it on our own.  We think that we are smart enough, good enough, and strong enough and that we do not need God.  In both of these times you have full hands which inhibit you in two ways.  The first way is that they keep you from letting the Holy Spirit hold your hand and walk you along this journey of faith.  Your hands are either so full of your failures that you do not think His hand is there or so full of your successes to think that you do not need the hand that is offered.  The second thing that they do is they keep you from reaching out to others.  Your hands are so full of your own failures or successes that you do not have a hand to reach out to others around you in love and be the hands and feet of Jesus.  So it is really important where you have your hands and what they are full of.  This was inspired by the following video.  I hope that this is both a challenge and encouragement to you.

Click here to see the video clip.